The NES Classic has been modded, or “like a good neighbor, Russian hackers are there”

Posted: January 8, 2017 by ryanlecocq in Off-topic, Technology


Adding both Tetris games was a must.  Also added a few not-so-great games that I had as a kid.

I must say my feelings are a bit at odds right now.  While our governments fight over hacking one another and Russia’s suspected involvement with US Presidential election, we citizen hackers and modders have a generally wonderful relationship.  A perfect example would be the Russian modder Madmonkey being the first to crack the loading method Nintendo used for the NES classic.  Madmonkey released the mod and source code and very quickly the internet came together and many people made the mod into something so elegant and simple that anyone can do it.  Honestly it’s so straightforward and has absolutely no sacrifices, making one wonder why Nintendo doesn’t already have mall kiosks charging you Virtual Console prices to add games to your NES classic.  Most of us would have gladly paid.  Hell, I would have gladly paid for another controller too, if they would just sell me one.  But scratching our heads analyzing Nintendo’s lack of foresight could take another series of articles, several of which I’ve already written.

The thing I want to bring up in this article is the irony of the hacking/modding community coming together across borders to mod the hottest holiday tech toy, at the same time our governments seem hell bent on starting World War III.  One can only imagine what problems our governments could solve if they worked together with the maturity and co-operation of this group that so many of them like to vilify.  Also let’s remember that when CNN says Russian hackers, they are not talking about people like Madmonkey.  If it is proven that Russians tampered with the US election, these were government employed espionage agents.  All of us real people out here that just want to play some Tetris on our NES Classic have a lot more in common than we differ across borders.


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