Tecmo Super Bowl 2017 on my NES Classic gives me the 16/17 season that should have been.

Posted: January 8, 2017 by ryanlecocq in Off-topic



Like many of the proud few who managed to snag an NES Classic this holiday season, I have entered the wonderful world of adding my own games in the past few days.  One of the absolutely wonderful things about this is that most fan modified roms work perfectly.  I was able to put fan translated versions of Mother (original Earthbound) and Final Fantasy III on my Classic and they worked flawlessly.  What was even more intriguing was when I discovered tecmobowl.org.  TecmoBowl.org is a community of die hard fans who updated Tecmo Super Bowl each year with updated rosters, playbooks and schedules and hold tournaments with it.  The roms are made available on the site and further customized versions of many varieties fill the forums.  New features are even added, like the ability to view detailed info on player injuries.  Needless to say I had to get it and take my 2017 Seattle Seahawks through the season in hopefully a more dignified manner than the actual team.

The amazing thing about it is how closely the games often mirror the real thing.  I played a full season, automating all of the games besides the Seahawks.  Many games played out exactly or almost exactly as they did, because the players played accurately for their stats.  The funny thing was that the Seahawks (partially due to me playing them) played a lot better.  Not only did I not lose Tyler Lockett for the playoffs (because I used him for kick returns and short passes, rather than sticking him way out there to get crushed), but I did not inexplicably lose to the Rams in week 2.  The Falcons managed to reverse it and beat me by 2 points in week 6, but I destroyed them in the divisional with a healthy Wilson, Lockett and Thomas, 31-12.  I was defeated in a very painful and familiar way by the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl, making the Tecmo universe basically a hellish Groundhog’s Day for the Seahawks.  If the Hawks make the bowl, I hope this isn’t the result we see, but if it were stat for stat, I think Tecmo Bowl got it right.


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