Why saying ‘git gud’ to your online teammates is just a reflection of your own pathetic existence.

Posted: January 4, 2017 by ryanlecocq in Off-topic

This may seem a little overly obvious to a lot of people reading that title, but strangely the people saying it really do not understand.


No… explain simply, as you would to a child.

So here we go.  This is actually not just limited to games.  What it really comes down to is many people being raised with a twisted view of what winning actually means.  You see, in measurable reality, when you win, you gain something.  Something like money, or services, or social advantage.  So if you are a professional gamer, you are actually making your living, so winning matters.  If you are the other 99% of us, you are just killing time.  Now I want you to read this next part very carefully:  If you are not getting paid or rewarded for your gaming ALL you are doing is entertaining yourself.  So truly boredom and time are your only enemies.  If you manage to pass an hour without the crushing dread of reality peeking in, you have won, the end.

So if you are casually gaming and getting all upset with your teammates when you lose, you are delusional.  Sorry, nobody likes hearing it, but it’s true.  You have nothing to gain and only friends to lose.  It’s not even like we’re talking about your personal image or glory.  Literally nobody wants to hear if you won your CoD game last night.  It will not get you a promotion.  It will not win friends or influence people.  The reason it feels so important to you is that an idiotic part of our culture has convinced you that beating the other person is somehow more important than personal gain.  It appears our President Elect has this same issue.  We are a culture of people who will shoot our own public image in the foot, in order to establish some strange tribal pecking order that is totally irrelevant.

The really disturbing part of this is how many people have substituted this false concept of winning for any actual success.  All one needs to do is browse YouTube channels to find thousands of complete losers in life, who think they are king of the universe because they can snipe in Call of Duty.  Furthermore, many of these same people will have strong words for anyone who doesn’t play into their strategy of winning.  If this is you or someone you know, take a long look.  Are you actually a badass?  Like if this was a real war, would people want to follow you and be inspired by your presence?  I can give you a hint, real wars are not about getting the most headshots.

While we’re on the subject of real wars, allow me to share an anecdote about someone who people did want to follow and did inspire followers with confidence; Alexander the Great.  Now Alexander may have been a jerk too in some ways, but when it came to winning, he got it 100%.  When Alexander fought a battle, he didn’t try to show his enemies he was better at throwing spears than they were.  He would trick them and outmaneuver them to win the battle as quickly as possible with the least loss of life.  Afterwards, he would try to turn those opponents into loyal tax-payers as quickly as possible.  You see, Alexander got something that angry gamers clearly do not: when the war is over, those people are still human assets.  The same is true of gaming and game streaming.  The most popular gamers are not the best gamers.  They are the friendliest gamers and the first to add opponents to their network and friends list.  The mandate of the people makes you powerful, not your own opinion of yourself.

Now if you are actually one of those people and for some reason still reading this, you are most likely at the “well you probably just suck and wanna whine” stage.  You are welcome to invade me in Dark Souls III and find out, but I don’t feel that is the case.  In fact, I am more driven to write this article due to my exhaustion with being the moderator or champion.  Honestly I am not the best gamer around, but I do take a lot of pride in my sportsmanship.  I like to hug my opponents after a SoulCali tournament, win or lose.  When someone obviously doesn’t get a game mechanic, I explain it to them.  Hell, I will even remote play your PS4 game and show you how to do something, then die so you still get to do it.

In fact this is a good opportunity to bring up another part of this: personal attacks.  Many angry gamers will go beyond berating a person’s gaming ability to attacking them personally.  That is just plain horrible.  It’s actually this that caused this article to form in my mind.  You see, as I’ve had more success in life I find that these attacks hurt me less and less.  You can call me a fag if you like, but I know a lot of fags I really like, so I don’t really consider that an insult.  You can call me a loser, but I’m not likely to feel like one sitting next to my beautiful wife and dog, knowing many people love me.  Watching people try really hammered a realization into my mind.  If those players can’t win the game, they are going to make someone lose, somehow, because that is what they need emotionally.  In order for them to feel like a winner, someone has to lose.  Let’s allow that to sink in a bit and then immediately start changing this.


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