Nostalrius Returns and why Blizzard needs to stop telling toddler lies.

Posted: January 4, 2017 by ryanlecocq in Uncategorized

So in the past couple of months, the hugely popular Vanilla WoW server Nostalrius has wheezed back to life courtesy of the Elysium servers.  The thing that absolutely astounds me about this whole thing is how little people actually understand about what happened.  If you were just to read sites like Kotaku or IGN, you would think Nostalrius Begins was the only 1.12 server on the internet and Blizzard took it down to protect their IP.  That is just a total pile of ignorance.

In reality there are hundreds of Vanilla WoW servers and there have been popular ones for years.  You know what the real difference is?  Nostalrius was the first one that had a better server than Blizzard themselves in 2006.  You read that right, not only did a handful of people recreate Blizzard’s server code from scratch (as in without ever seeing Blizzard’s version), they actually fixed many bugs Blizzard claimed were unfixable at the time.  So to sum it up, Nostalrius was taken down because they proved they were better at Blizzard’s job than Blizzard and it also proved Blizzard are lazy liars with the capability for deceit of a 3 year old child.  You see, Blizzard has been telling fans that it would be “completely unfeasible” to run and update a classic server, although legions of fans will offer up their money for it.  Nostalrius managed it with a staff smaller than your local college paper.  They also managed to rack up over 150k members, sending a clear signal that Blizzard is ignoring a large market.

I would have to go back and find the article, but I believe it was about 6 years ago now when Cataclysm released that I said in my review “the obvious thing for the old content now is a free-to-play classic version or a mobile port, since Blizzard now has assets that are not making them money any more.”  I don’t know how much more obvious it could be.  Just take WoW 1.12.1, put it on phones and tablets, make it $10 with no monthly fee=profit.  If Blizzard had done this years ago, they would be the hero.  Instead we are all just in this strange position of wondering why one of the best game developers seems so deaf to their legion of fans.

To make things worse, they have these asshats making public statements that break down under 5 seconds of fact checking.  When Blizzard keeps saying that a Vanilla server is unfeasible, even after someone has already done it and they backstabbed them, that doesn’t really hold water.  When they make an official statement that this was done to protect their IP, but a google search will show hundreds of other private servers, that doesn’t hold water either.  There comes a point (and if there are any politicians reading, pay attention) where you just have to say ‘we were wrong, we failed AND we lied’ it is okay.  We will forgive you in exactly the amount of time it takes you to pull your head out of your ass and sell us what we obviously want.  If you wanna get really smart, just do what any sane company does AND FUCKING HIRE THEM TO DO IT FOR YOU.  Read a book on capitalism you Australopithecines.


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