Final Fantasy XV Patch 1.03 CORRECT Info.

Posted: December 22, 2016 by ryanlecocq in Off-topic

Sometimes it is really tedious being a journalist looking for work and seeing people suck at your dream job.  For example the field of video game journalism seems to be filled with lazy hacks who just repost incorrect info without checking it.  Then I have to write a post for free, that all of 50 people will find, to correct it.  /rant

So there are some errors in a couple of details of the press coverage of the 1.03 update:

Starting a new game+ does not overwrite your save unless you have no manual saves and have been playing on the auto save.  That is of course overwritten as soon as you start over and hit checkpoints.  Just save over a blank spot with your new file and your old saves are still there.

While the Regalia does revert to its original form, it should be noted that it keeps all other upgrades besides the Type F package.  So it will retain the upgraded headlights, allowing you to drive at night.

The Engine Blade does not revert to level 1.  It does not change at all.  You get a new level 1 Engine Blade when you start over IN ADDITION to your old one.  I though it was true because I accidentally started my NG+ from a save right before I maxed some weapons.  This is just people not paying attention.

(BUG!)Not all quests are available on second playthrough and many NPCs will be at their final location instead of their initial one.  For example Cid will appear in his normal spot without the cinematic about weapon upgrades.  He also does not tell you to take quests from Takka, which are not available either.  I haven’t made it that far yet, but it appears many of the side quests are not repeatable.  All monster bounties are though.  Update:  These cutscenes did not trigger when they were supposed to, but the next time I returned to Hammerhead I could take quests from Takka.

Some Dungeon puzzles will be already solved, because you have the solution items in your inventory.

Just started my new game+, will update with further info.

I can also confirm this is not the performance patch we were told to expect by now.  I can confirm through testing both High and Lite mode on a PS4 Pro that the High mode still stutters and the Lite mode is still not 60fps.


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