The Fantasies that were never Finalized

Posted: December 13, 2016 by ryanlecocq in Off-topic

The release of Final Fantasy XV has brought with it the tidal wave of comparison videos to show the changes since its announcement a decade ago.  While some of these changes seem major by today’s standards of development, they were pretty minor for the FF series.  Way back in the days of the PSX and PS2, we didn’t get so much early coverage and we were left to wonder about the concepts that never made it into the final game.

Two Final Fantasy games past have had some pretty wacky concepts that were completely removed from the final game.  You may have heard about these and this is an article speculating about how crazy these games could have been.


Final Fantasy VII:  Hot-Headed Detective Joe


Nothing of this concept has ever been shown.  All we really know about it is that it existed and that much of the concept was reused in Parasite Eve.  The main part being the buddy-cop characters.  Apparently Final Fantasy VII was originally going to open with a chapter following Detective Joe and his partner, while they hunted down Avalanche.  Since Aya and Daniel from Parasite Eve bear a striking resemblance to Cloud and Barrett, we can make the leap to assume these characters were Barrett and Cloud.  This would have made Zack the original party leader, which explains a lot.  Let’s forget about how this affected the final FFVII for a moment and think about how rad this would have been.

You already get a little bit of white cop/black cop cliches from Cloud and Barrett’s interactions.  Imagine if the first 10 hours of VII had been like Tango and Cash or Rush Hour with Cloud and Barrett.  I would so play the hell out of that.  Not only do the character’s personalities fit a lot better, but this would be a really fun segment.  It would be really funny if Zack and Aerith still died tragically and it was actually Hot Headed Detective Joe who defeated Sephiroth, just because he’s an asshole.  The game was also rumored to have been originally planned in the real world with Midgar as New York.  Can only speculate on that, but it makes a lot of sense for an alternate post-WWII Earth.

If you want to experience some of what it could have been, Parasite Eve is available on PSN right now.  It’s a game about Ms. Cloud and Sgt. Barrett being New York cops and putting the smack down on a monster that is a lot like Jenova.


Final Fantasy X:  Tidus the “Plumber with the personality of an angry Japanese gangster”


This one is just amazing.  Apparently they felt at the time this was a worse concept for Tidus than what they ended up with, which is hard to imagine.  In my opinion, this would have been a far better game.  Imagine Tidus as like an angry Mario who is constantly trash talking the people of the future as he solves their problem.  “You future people don’t know squat!  In Zanarkand we killed Sin before breakfast!  I’ll show you how it’s done.”  Such a better game.

Imagine if instead of Tidus being like “Fiends?  Guardians?  Neat!  I am so stoked about you guys and your quest!”  he was like “Yeah shaddup lady, just let me grind for like 50 levels and we’ll kill yer space blob.”  Or like when villains introduced themselves, he would just pull out a switchblade and go for them as soon as they started talking.  My imagination is ablaze with images of a much, much more entertaining game.

Then Final Fantasy X-2 could have been like Creed, where old man Tidus teaches some young punks how to fight Sin with “heart” and “the stuff in the basement”.


Those are just two of the most interesting dumped Final Fantasy concepts.  There have been many more, that may get a future article if this one gets hits.


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