The Things Final Fantasy XV Doesn’t Explain (SPOILERS)

Posted: December 10, 2016 by ryanlecocq in Uncategorized

Since I’m still in the afterglow of FFXV, I want to do a couple more articles about it.  One of the big complaints about this game, is that not enough is explained overtly in the plot.  For example, many necessary details are either part of the separate film Kingsglaive, or are only divulged in optional sequences.  Since I’ve watched all of the promotional movies and content, as well as viewed most of the optional parts of the game, I’m going to give a spoilerific explanation for anyone who is already finished and still confused.

Why does Lunafreya have immortal, time-travelling, magical dogs?

This is actually really tough to put together, even with all the pieces.  It is revealed in the game that Gentiana is a representation of Shiva, one of the Astrals that the empire has already killed at the beginning of the game.  It is implied through several in-game scenes that the dogs Umbra and Pryna are similar; gods or magical creatures in the form of dogs.  Noctis is likewise accompanied by Carbuncle, although only he can see it.  It’s really confusing just playing the game, because the dogs seem to do a lot of unusual things as well as living for well over 20 years.

The game also says there are 6 Astrals, which would mean that if we include Carbuncle (only available if you played the Platinum Demo), both dogs could not have been Archaeans.  Unless the final one was one of the twin summons of past games.  They could be any sort of magical creature that aids the Oracle, so exactly what doesn’t matter.  The point is you weren’t crazy, there is definitely something magical about those dogs.

EDIT 1/17:  I am now a subscriber to the “messengers” theory.  Check it out on youtube, Final Fantasy Peasant does an excellent summary.  Makes perfect sense that the dogs were messengers of one of the other gods opposed to Ifrit.

Who the heck is Ravus?

Basically all that is explained in the game is that Ravus is Lunafreya’s brother and he’s a general for the empire.  Ravus is a really confusing character to any veteran FF player.  When you first see him in the game, he totally comes off as that rival guy that you have to fight several times throughout the story.  Most FF games have this character and in VII, he’s even the main villain.  Ravus ends up not actually being your enemy at all, though you do fight him in a way.  This leads to a huge HUH? moment when he gets killed off-screen while supporting your revolution, when you didn’t even think the guy liked you.

What is explained in Kingslgaive is that Ravus resents Lucis and especially the royal family for not aiding Tenebrae when the empire attacked.  He has always held a grudge against king Regis for fleeing and although he doesn’t necessarily carry that to Noctis, he has little faith in the Lucian line.  Regardless, he and Lunafreya have been trying to subvert the empire from within for years, so he is your natural ally if you actually prove worth a damn.  When Noctis starts waking the Astrals, a feat no king has done in centuries, Ravus decides Noctis is alright and starts helping him.  He never calls you or anything though, so this is never explained in the game.

Ravus, along with Aranea and pretty much everyone who’s still human turns against the empire after the Altissia event.  We don’t see any of this in the game either.  So basically the emperor, pushed by the Kefka-esque chancellor Ardyn, goes full on nuts and turn everyone into Daemons.  Everyone who resists is killed or driven to flee the continent.  Ravus is killed at this point, being like “Eff you emperor, I was secretly against you all along!” when the emperor finds out he intended to give Noctis his father’s sword and aid him.  So that’s why you show up to find him dead and suddenly your ally.

So wait… who is Ardyn?

This is all explained in rapid fire, during the final boss fight.  So you should have been writing down everything he said, while all of those explosions were going off everywhere and that ripoff of the Elder Scrolls theme was playing really loudly.  In case you somehow failed to do that, here’s what it means, I think:

Ardyn is Noctis’ ancient relative, also of the royal family of Lucis.  Like all royal family members, Ardyn has the ability to take the power of spirits within himself.  This is primarily used for the king to take the power of his ancestors, the summons and the crystal within himself and use their power.  Ardyn apparently found a way to use this power to heal people who had been turned into daemons, by taking the daemon power within himself.

The gods decided this was most uncool and declared him profane, unfit to inherit the ring of the Lucii.  All of the power he absorbed made him immortal though, so he bore the grudge of being passed up for one of his relatives for thousands of years.  He has been waiting for the final, “chosen king” who will be powerful enough to finally destroy the daemon scourge, so that he can defeat him and absorb his power.  He never really explains what he’s going to do then, but one can only assume it involves killing the rest of the gods and then just chilling in his dark, scary world.

Who actually died?

I really hope you heeded that spoiler warning at the top.  So it’s pretty obvious that Luna and Ravus are dead, as that happened halfway through the game in no uncertain terms.  I’m assuming you’ve finished the game, so you probably get that Noctis also bought the farm.  When you see Noctis and Luna in the very final scene, they are surrounded by the little floating crystal/feather/snowflake things that denote the spirit realm throughout the game.

Unfortunately, we are forced to accept that the mighty Bro-Force also fell in battle.  That’s why they appear with Noctis and Regis for the final tag-team combo punch to Ardyn’s face.  They presumably died fighting that huge wall of daemons that was right behind them.  So I guess Prompto never got his date with Cindy.  Wasn’t very likely though.  Ever since the end of FFX, I have been 200% about high fives in heaven being the end of every FF game.

Everyone else who had not previously died was probably fine.  Although no characters are shown, the world getting happy again happens in the ending, so they probably all lived relatively happy ever after.

EDIT 1/17:  I totally forgot that Ardyn killed the broforce with purple goo before the last boss battle.

Where were my summons?

Besides in a few of the tougher boss battles, you may not have seen that summon prompt on your screen very much.  That’s because you kick ass or you did too much grinding.  The summon system seems to be based around a battle being difficult and taking a long time.  If you were OP and just steamrolled everything like I did, you probably could count on one hand the amount of times you got the chance to summon outside of plot battles.

It was a bit of a bummer compared to games like IX and X, where you summoned all the time.  The good news is that even if you were 10 levels ahead throughout the game, the side-quest monsters will definitely give you the opportunity.  Several are level 99, so you should manage to keep the fight going long enough to see that prompt.

Why did they make such a bid deal about bringing the Regalia everywhere if you never drive again after Lucis?

This remains a mystery.  The Regalia does have a final big scene in the story, but you don’t drive in any of the other areas besides Lucis.  Unless I’ve somehow missed an opportunity (and I doubt it as I have most of the trophies and almost the entire map explored), there is no way to do anything with the Regalia in the second half of the game.

My guess is this is a ‘wait for DLC’ kind of thing.  There is a lot of map area, especially around Altissia, that is currently unexplorable.  It would be great to be able to drive around even a little in the other regions.

What’s the deal with Prompto’s backstory?

Once again, on this one I can shed some light, but it still doesn’t make sense.  I now understand why each character will get their own DLC.  Prompto’s has a lot to explain.  If you have finished the game, you probably caught the very brief scene that explained that Prompto was one of the people the empire enslaved (or cloned, or something) to become daemons.  His family escaped to Lucis when he was a child and he grew up in the Crown City.

The really odd thing about this though, is how many more questions it raises.  Even if you have watched Brotherhood, we never actually see Prompto’s family.  In fact, this plot twist combined with the very vague explanation of what this ‘daemonizing’ process actually involved, raises a lot more questions about Brotherhood and Prompto.

It’s quite possible that Prompto has no family and was intended to be a sleeper in the capital.  In Brotherhood he develops a slightly disturbing obsession with Noctis and literally changes his life to become his friend.  If this was some strange combination of his programming combining with a true human need for friendship, it adds yet another interesting layer to a character who’s best moments all happen outside the game.

I may add to this article later, but for now my brain hurts.


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