Games you haven’t played Turbo HD Tournament Edition: The most obscure games… yet.

Posted: November 4, 2014 by ryanlecocq in Features

Here we go.  The most crazy obscure games that only people in the innermost nerd circle of nerds have even heard of.  At least in the USA.  If you traveled the world over the last 20 years and had access to systems and advertisements from every region, then I guess maybe you could have also played all of these.  I digress.  For the mainstream of nerdery who want to make that next jump to super mega nerd, here’s a great place to start.

The Japanese Sega Saturn version of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night


There are a couple of reasons this game has not been played by many.  Firstly, it was only released in small numbers in Japan.  Secondly, it runs like total ass and only die hard fans would want to play it.  Here’s why you should play it: SOTN is considered one of the best games of all time and having played the super rare version with extra areas and abilities will give you like 8 billion gamer cred.  Tracking it down is next to impossible, so you can cheat and emulate it, claim you didn’t.  I won’t tell anyone.

Deep Fear


Kind of a Sega Saturn theme going here so far.  Deep Fear was Sega’s answer to Resident Evil.  By modern standards, this game is a super cheesy.  Compared to the first Resident Evil, it’s at least on par and offers some interesting innovations.  For example you can move and shoot at the same time.  It also takes place underwater and features several pretty awesome diving suit sequences.  The graphics were amazing at the time.  Even the gay French guy seemed funny when I was 13.  I was fortunate enough to play this game with jury-rigging and an imported PAL copy (in English) on my original Saturn.  Back then this game was way less lame seeming and all of my friends who had Playstations were jealous.

Thousand Arms


I think I’m actually a little embarrassed to admit I like this game.  It’s a super low-rent dating-sim RPG for the PSX.  I feel like I’m defending it, saying “it’s not like other dating-sim-RPGs” but it’s not.  Imagine a game with the corny charm of I Dream of Genie or Ah My Goddess, mixed with Tales or Star Ocean.  The best part is that the ladies you date hold the key to unlocking weapon upgrades.  You seriously cannot upgrade your main character’s weapon without learning how to sweet talk some anime babes.  It’s that kind of game.  If that kind of game really exists other than this one.

Mother and Mother 3 (aka Earthbound)


I don’t really know why these were never released in the USA.  Considering how much shovelware Nintendo did decide to put out in the US for both the NES and the GBA, it’s hard to understand why they chose only to release the second game for the SNES and style it as a standalone game.  All 3 of the games are excellent and fortunately you can easily emulate fan translated versions of both games for Gameboy Advance.  So basically you could be playing them on your phone right now.  If you loved Earthbound for the Super Nintendo and had no idea there were 2 more equally excellent games to play, enjoy.  Even better if you have never played any of them, there’s an entire trilogy if great RPGs to play.

Resident Evil 1.5


I shit you not.  Well, it’s like 90% true.  So a bunch of programmer fans took some leaked code of the fabled, cancelled version of RE2 and made it into something resembling a game.  It takes some debug menu experimenting to get very far, but it is the legendary Resident Evil 1.5.  The version you will find linked below is pretty old, but not too much progress has been made since.  I think it’s effectively dead now, but I don’t want to call it.  You can still play a small part of a gaming campfire tale though, right now with your PSX emulator.  Here’s the official thread:

That’s all for this edition.  Can’t reveal too many of the secret treasures in one go.


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