Unfinished letters – Articles that have sat in my drafts for up to 3 years.

Posted: November 1, 2014 by ryanlecocq in Off-topic

Before I make the last push through The Evil Within tonight (please don’t crash, please don’t crash), I thought I would publish something that didn’t take much effort.  Because everybody loves list articles and I usually refuse to write them because they are to journalism what sitcoms are to script-writers.  Here are some articles I never had the heart or the chutzpah to finish.  If you really want them, I could be motivated with comments.

The Budget PC Hall of Fame

This was going to be a list (with pictures) of all of the computers of all shapes and sizes that I have built for articles on this blog.  I’ve lost count somewhere over 20, but there were a lot and somewhere I just got lazy.  Some of them are long gone and the photos lost at this point, so this one is probably impossible at this point.

Retro HD Part 2

The ever popular HD mod article (https://bleedingedgegaming.wordpress.com/2011/03/19/retro-hd-reviews/) was intended to have a sequel.  Then maybe a prequel trilogy.  Anyway, I just got out of that phase of making my own HD remakes with a collection of mods when they started just HD remaking all of my favorite games officially.  The gem of this article was the perfect version of Skies of Arcadia that I was finally able to create and play on my Dreamcast.  Some helpful people on isozone developed a bunch of workarounds for many Dreamcast games with similar problems to Skies.  By applying these to my favorite game, I was able to finally create the version I always wanted.  VGA support, uncompressed music, faster loading times and fits on CDs.  Versions with these fixes have been available for a while now on the above mentioned site if you’re interested.

Dark Souls Veteran Tips

This was the third article about Dark Souls play tips that never materialized.  I got into the Dark Souls 2 and ESO betas and got a little distracted.  It would feel strange going back and writing an article about the middle entry now.  I may yet do a Souls series tips article that is all about training your mind to play all of the games.

Developing for the lowest common denominator; selling to a lowered standard of gamer.

This article was pretty much just me whining about how everyone plays games now, so games are aimed at people of average intelligence instead of just nerds.  So I didn’t do it.

Bloatware: Get your hands the #$%& off my computer.

Self explanatory.  Rant about everyone from hardware manufacturers to social networking sites shoving their extra plugins and apps down my throat.

Heavy Rain review

I think I just loved this game so much I couldn’t review it.  I just never felt worthy.  Heavy Rain is kind of like Twin Peaks.  If you’re most people, you get drawn in for the spectacle and then get bored when the flaws show up.  If you’re one of the few who have been waiting for a game like this, it’s the best game ever.  I’ve personally been along for the ride since Omikron and let me tell you, Heavy Rain is the reason Quantic Dream exists.

Laguna’s Demon’s Souls review

That’s right, there was going to be a third review of Demon’s Souls on this blog.  It was also a highly positive review.  Maybe he just decided 3 was too many, considering no other game has yet broken that barrier.  We will never know.  I guess I could ask him.  Nah, better this way.


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