If GamerGate was on the level, they would promote blogs like this one… but they don’t.

Posted: October 27, 2014 by ryanlecocq in Off-topic

Just to be clear, I am not weighing in my opinion on whether or not GG is about wimmin hatin’ or any of that.  I have an opinion, but this is not a blog about opinions, it’s a blog about games.  That being said, I will share my opinion on the actual state of internet gaming journalism, which is not what GamerGate is actually about.  Does that sound like a judgement?  Let’s look at some evidence.

GamerGate is styled after either Watergate (as in the conspiracy) or a gamergate, which is a female worker ant who can become a queen if needed, depending on who you ask and how they feel about the “movement”.  Let’s just give them the benefit of the doubt and assume it’s the former.  The investigation of the Watergate conspiracy had no lasting effect on political corruption.  Politicians have been caught doing the same and worse several times since and in general whistle-blowing “movements” accomplish nothing but making people feel like they did something.  So to tie that back to the issue at hand, even people involved in GamerGate who believe they are helping the state of the industry are not really accomplishing anything.  Trying to get some writer fired for promoting the in this case insignificant (sorry) game of a loved one and harassing a no-name (so sorry) developer does jack shit to stop the real corruption that is rampant throughout gaming journalism.  Instead they’ve managed to do what?  Get Intel to stop posting ads on Gamasutra?  Intel makes great CPUs for gaming.  When I need a CPU, I want to know where to buy one.  That is not a conflict of fucking interest.  I don’t have to click the ad, but just based on the fact that I am a gamer, chances are decent that I have reason to.

Because we all know it isn’t small, overworked development studios that are doing the damage.  No, it’s the big 3 publishers and to deny that would be just plain naive.  I always like to cite the example of Game Informer’s glowing review of Gun almost a decade ago.  I don’t know what game they played, but the rest of us played a game that was a generous 7/10 and quickly forgotten.  Game Informer’s review was published before the game’s release and that strongly suggests to me that some “unlawful gratuities” exchanged hands to make it so.  That is the shit I have been calling out for years now and that is where the real problem lies.  Gathering a bunch of trolls and idiots under a banner and appropriating a crusade many of us have been legitimately fighting for a decade is a slap in our faces.

I am a real journalist.  By that I mean journalism was my major and I follow what are considered the moral and professional standards of the trade.  I investigate what I editorialize and whenever possible use first-hand experience and information.  Nothing on this blog is just a repost of someone else’s news and I don’t accept a dime from anybody.  I go out and buy the games, pay for my XBL and PSN and then stay up all night after working a day job to write this content.  There’s your journalistic fucking integrity.  Don’t misunderstand and think I’m putting myself on a pedestal.  I am one of many hard-working, independent journalists that deserve your interest and your time.  If you really want to have an impact on the industry, promote the honest people by comparison to the dishonest ones.  If GamerGate had another aspect where they promoted good journalism, instead of just attacking those who draw their wrath, I would take them more seriously.  Because really, I’m one of the ones they should be trying to attract.  People who already write and have a small fanbase, who would legitimize their group.

But we don’t see that.  I haven’t noticed a lot of bloggers that I take seriously jump on the GG bandwagon.  By behaving like trolls and grade-schoolers, they have cultivated that image.  So as one of the people this movement is supposedly standing up for, I cry BULLSHIT.  In my best James Earl Jones: “You ain’t out for me!  You in it for yesself!  Nothin’ but a goddamn carpet-bagger is what you are.”  So that’s my two cents.  You can all go back to debating what you think are the important issues of this topic.  It just stuck in my craw that members of GamerGate were claiming to be doing this for the hard-working little guy journalist.  That is me and FUCK YOU.  I’m out.


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