Alien Isolation technical review

Posted: October 8, 2014 by ryanlecocq in Uncategorized


I’ve only just scratched the surface of this game (about 5 hours in), but I like what I’m seeing.  Especially what I’m seeing in the graphics department.  Not only does it look fantastic, but it runs well on damn near anything.  On my aging test rig (Phenom II and a 550 ti) I am still able to play at high settings and 1080p resolution.  I think most PC gamers have a better rig than mine, so just about anyone with a gaming PC should be able to turn every single effect on.  When I saw how low the requirements for this game were, I was worried it would be another low detail console port like Colonial Marines, but this is not the case.

The thing that really makes this game shine is that it stands on its’ textures and 3D design rather than fancy shaders and effects (though it has those too).  The best way to make any game look fantastic, while still running on low specs, is to just plain design it better rather than relying on the game engine to shine it up with effects.  Alien Isolation is a prime example as every room feels hand crafted and features an amazing level of detail.

I would strongly recommend playing this on PC as the console versions appear to be slightly down-tuned.  I’m not sure why as they should be able to easily handle anything my 4 year old desktop can, but that is still the case.  Any decent PC can run this game maxed at 1080p or higher, so I would say do that if you have the option.

Test Systems:

Older Desktop – Phenom II 860 (unlocked 560 BE) @3.6GHz, GeForce 550 ti 1GB.  37-60fps, avg 54.  Settings all at high, 1080p resolution.

Older Laptop – Core2 Extreme qx9300 @3.2GHz, Geforce GTX 260 1GB.  34-60fps, avg 46.  Settings medium, 1366×768 resolution.

Newer Desktop – i7 4770k @ 4.0GHz, Radeon HD6970 2GB.  57-60fps, avg 60.  Settings maxed, 1080p resolution.

  1. Cryio's Qax says:

    More details in tech reviews please 😀

  2. ryanlecocq says:

    What would you specifically like to see? I’ve been trying to keep these fairly short and more ‘review-like’ than a list of screencaps. More benchmarks or like a spec sheet of DX version, engine used and system requirements?

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