Holy Batman there’s going to be another Silent Hill!

Posted: August 13, 2014 by ryanlecocq in Features


I made it pretty clear that I had doubts Silent Hill would survive it’s last movie and several games in my previous article; “A Deep, Dark Silent Hill Franchise Retrospective”  So you can imagine my surprise that not only would there be another Silent Hill game, but it sounds like Konami is throwing every Yen and the kitchen sink at it.  In an almost too-perfect trifecta of fan service, the game will be co-directed by Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro, while also starring Norman Reedus.  If they add Peter Dinklage, we’ll know it’s an out of season April Fool’s gag.  Pretty unlikely at this point though, that it’s just a tech demo or a prank as a playable teaser was released to the public today.

I’ll sum it up briefly since it’s been covered elsewhere.  Konami earlier announced a game called “P.T.” which they showed off today.  At that moment, a playable demo went live on PSN, which if you completed it, showed you a trailer revealing Norman Reedus and the Silent Hill logo.  I’m attempting so far to contain a nerdgasm and shelter my hope deep, just like I’m doing with Star Wars 7.  Always keep in mind that some of those “too awesome to be true” things don’t work out, like Heaven’s Gate (the movie) and Blind Faith (the band).

I haven’t made the jump to PS4 yet, so I was reduced to watching Twitch streams from more respectable journalists.  Let me just say that you all suck at Silent Hill games.  I had to shut off several, after I was shouting at the screen “LOOK UP!  OVER THERE!  ARE YOU BLIND?  HOW MANY TIMES ARE YOU GOING TO WALK BY THAT NEW THING BEFORE YOU NOTICE IT!?!?!?!”  Maybe it’s harder than it looks, but Silent Hill is supposed to be hard.  If you don’t have an intimate knowledge of chemistry, history, the works of William Shakespeare, famous serial killers, criminal pathology, forensics and american horror novels, just skip it and go back to Call of Duty.

Long story short, between this and Bloodborne, PS4 is a given future purchase for me.


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