Dark Souls 2: Crown of the Sunken King

Posted: July 30, 2014 by ryanlecocq in Features, Reviews



I’m a little late on this one, I’ve been busy moving for the last week.  Normally I would have downloaded anything Souls related the second it went live.  Anyway, you’ve probably already heard the summary; most players say it’s hard and that it focuses on puzzles.  I don’t really get the hard part as it’s not much harder than the final areas, which you need to have reached to access the DLC.  The puzzles part is true as there are many more of the environmental puzzles seen in Demon’s and Dark Souls 1.  Like before, these environment changes create new paths that intersect the area.  I’m glad now that I waited for the DLC to finish my first playthrough on PC.  I was just cruising around the end-game getting the last hidden items, so I was pretty overpowered for first play.  This made it easy to hop into the DLC and and clear it without too much rage.  I think I will now wait for the other two before I go New Game +, since I’ve already done so on PS3 and would rather maximize each playthrough.

The coolest feature of the DLC is that you can see it even if you don’t buy it.  Any player can be summoned into the DLC area from outside its’ entrance, allowing them to check it out before dropping the $10.  It also adds a few achievements and some new items and gear.  One thing that I and many other PC players were hoping to see with the first DLC was an option to use the higher quality lighting seen in preview builds.  Although From never mentioned this, a lot of us were still holding out hope that it would be added with the first major content update.  Sad to say no dice.  Dark Souls 2 is still a fantastic looking game that runs on almost any PC, but this just says to me that it could easily be upgraded without killing performance on today’s systems.  Oh well, maybe with the inevitable GOTY release and port to next-gen consoles.

Crown of the Sunken King is available on all platforms for $9.99 or you can get the season pass for $25 and save $5 on all three DLC packs.

  1. James120756 says:

    Is this the wonderful DLC I bought but have never seen?

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