Dream Machines: A dual APU AMD laptop.

Posted: June 4, 2014 by ryanlecocq in Features, Technology

When the early specs for the Xbox One and PS4 leaked, many believed that both systems would contain two paired APUs with 4 cores each.  This would theoretically have allowed the GPUs to crossfire and made for some very interesting possibilities.  The APUs for both systems ended up having all 8 cores and a single GPU on one chip.  It did get me thinking though, that this would be an intriguing way to make a high performance, low cost laptop chipset if it could be made to function well.  Many AMD-based laptops already feature a dedicated GPU to use in Dual Graphics mode with the onboard graphics.  Considering many of these GPUs take as much wattage as another CPU, power isn’t necessarily a problem above and beyond what laptops already face.  AMD has suggested the possibility for professional use, but why not in a consumer PC?

AMD has made a lot of noise about Mantle, their new graphics API and how it will be able to use system resources “heterogeneously” in any situation.  What better way to demonstrate this than by creating the world’s most perfectly matched multi-core system?  Two identical APUs should be very efficient at sharing any workload, even gaming if Mantle is everything it’s cracked up to be.

This is just another one of my pipe dreams, but considering several of those have already become real products I’m hopeful.  If AMD wants developers and power-users to get into this HSA concept, they need to put out something that actually out-performs in a way that conventional systems can’t match.


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