Dark Souls II Technical Review (PC)

Posted: May 5, 2014 by ryanlecocq in Features, Reviews, Technology


Praise the HD sun!

Many players have gone to great lengths to bash the changes to DaS2’s lighting system.  There will be none of that here.  While I admit the game is not quite as stunning as early screenshots led us to believe, it’s still a fine looking game.  The PC port is a giant leap forward from the first game and manages to look very nice even at lower settings.  The optmization and performance are a high point as you can run this game on almost any system that is conceivably still running today.  I guess that isn’t a huge surprise as it can run on the PS3 and 360, but it’s still nice to get a port that actually runs like you would expect on modern hardware.  Let me just say now that although there is a new Blighttown, it doesn’t run like old Blighttown.  So at least you can suffer at full speed.

Also unlike the first game, there are many more graphics options to tweak and the game has several levels above what the consoles offer.  So it’s not just a full HD version of the console game, you can actually turn on effects and detail well above what PS3 and 360 players get.  Which is a darn good thing considering PC users had to wait an extra month and a half.

Finally there is already a modding community popping up.  So you can tweak your visuals and gameplay even further.  Since the game already runs so well, you can add these tweaks without losing much performance on even decent hardware.  Good job From Software!  Don’t let the internet whiners get you down!  This is a solid port that puts ports like the Assassin’s Creed games to shame.


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