Dark Souls II Exploits and Easter Eggs

Posted: May 5, 2014 by ryanlecocq in Off-topic


Prepare to die… and not mind as much.


There are a few things in Dark Souls 2 that could be qualified as game changing “secrets.”  Some of them aren’t immediately obvious, but you will most likely either figure them out yourself or hear about them online in a single playthrough.  So spoilers ahead goes without saying, but most people already seriously playing the game probably know about this stuff.  This article is more aimed at people who are on the fence about Dark Souls 2 and wondering what some of the “game breaking changes” are that some people say makes the game too easy.


Unlimited Lives

I felt really stupid when I figured this out many hours into DaS2, having already spent many Human Effigies.  The Life Protection Ring, unlike the equivalent in DaS1, can be repaired like any other ring.  I was hoarding mine, thinking they were one-offs.  Just equip a Ring of Life Protection and remain alive.  Every time you die, you will not lose your life or souls and you can warp back to Majula to repair it for 3000 souls.  Although it’s slightly tedious, you will now never lose your souls again so it’s cheap.  In the eyes of many, this essentially breaks the game and I partially agree.


Respec Anytime

If you return to the old fire keeper lady in Things Betwixt, you can give her a Soul Vessel to reallocate your levels at any time.  This makes it possible to go through most of the game one way, but redesign your character for the later bosses.  The Soul Vessel item is rare, but you should get a few in a single run through the game.  Don’t be reckless with it, but feel comfortable experimenting with the knowledge that you can change your mind later.


The Gender Bender Coffin

If you are anything like me, when you saw those two hippo-cyclops guys guarding that coffin, you were immediately intrigued.  After defeating those horrible bastards, I rushed to examine this strange object.  Into the coffin I climbed and seemingly nothing happened.  Hours later I was trying on all of the different armors I had picked up and noticed something strange: I now appeared to have breasts.  I also seemed to be able to equip female-only armor sets.  There was only one conclusion, I was now a woman.  So I hit the forums and shared my experience with others, who laughed in a friendly way and told me that I had fallen victim to the sex change coffin.  So if you ever get the feeling that you want to take a walk on the wild side, there’s that.


“Incencing” Spells, Miracles and Hexes

There are now items to reduce the stat cost of spells, which can be used at a vendor you meet in the Iron Keep.  This means you can now equip spells that are well above your level if you stockpile a bunch of these semi-rare items.  This exploit is extremely useful in PvP as it allows you to cheat the soul level matching system that keeps players evenly balanced.  It’s not game breaking because the items are fairly rare, so you could only drastically reduce the requirements of one or two spells.  It does however allow griefers to focus on one really high level spell they use almost exclusively.


Covenant Ganking

Several of the covenants in the game give you a ring that will summon you to kill other players under certain conditions.  Similar to the Forest Protector covenant in DaS1, the invaders are rewarded for defeating you.  There are now a lot more of these sections.  The network aspect has also been greatly improved, so it’s easy to invade people quickly.  On top of all of this you are well rewarded for doing this to other players with very good items.  So for the invader, it’s an easy way to farm valuable items.  For the invaded, it can make these sections very frustrating.  Frustrating is the bread and butter of Souls games though, so I would consider it a fair way to rack up a lot of easy crafting items.


Unlimited Sparklies

Unlike in the previous games, the nest trading function is now unlimited.  There are less items you can trade, but one of them is the incredibly cheap to buy Prism Stone.  The Prism Stone has a very low chance of getting you the rare items, but you could conceivably stockpile dozens of them to farm useful items.  Since the rarer items are some of the most valuable consumables in the game, this is a very worthwhile exploit.


Those are just a few of the things you can do in DaS2 that are new and interesting.  Join me on the PC version, now available on Steam.


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