Dark Souls 2 Network Test Report

Posted: November 10, 2013 by ryanlecocq in Features, Off-topic



I finally managed to get into and actually play the Dark Souls 2 Network Test.  I have to say that most of what people have reported so far is accurate.  Although the game felt a little bit easier out the gate, for the last half hour or so the difficulty was increased across the board, accompanied with a warning message.  This feels a lot like Demon’s Souls’ soul and world tendency system.  Here’s hoping it makes it into the release.  As many have reported, the lock-on, rolling, parrying and riposte systems have been altered.  In general it is harder to get cheap kills, but some classes from the start lack the agility to avoid being “stun locked.”  This is frustrating and led to my only death at the hand of another player, but is quickly solved by spending a few souls on stat increases.  Lifegems are an interesting add to the mix.  I am guessing that in the final version they will be less common than in the beta, but we’ll see.  The heal over time creates an interesting dynamic that could be really interesting if balanced well.

I really liked the addition of more stats as I think it will lead to more variety in characters.  I can’t tell you how many people I have seen in the past two games that had the exact same build and equipment.  It gets really old fighting endless invasions of seemingly the same d-bag, using the same cheap tactics with the same cheap stats/gear combo.  Hopefully the ability to specifically tune each aspect of characters will lead to players being able to create the avatar they want, while still being combat effective.

The graphics have been turned up another small notch, but the promises of smoother performance were not evident from what I saw.  The game seemed to run at the same 30fps with frequent dips below 25.  Here’s hoping they iron that out a bit more.

As far as animations and hit detection, I’m undecided.  There are less invincibility frames on rolls, which I like.  Backstabs are harder, which I like.  Best thing is that you no longer slide off edges like they were greased with lard.  When you are near an edge, your character will lean their weight away until the very edge, rather than stumbling like someone with a bum knee.  There still seem to be a few bugs in the collision, but overall I’m liking the direction.

To round out, here’s a rough checklist of what I found and did:

2 Bosses (Duh) Chariot and Skeleton King

Armor Sets: All starting class ones, Black set, Llewellyn set, Black Rags set, Rogue chest.

Weapons: All starting class ones, Zweihander, another axe can’t remember name, Crossbow, Wooden Club, Bastard Sword, (Noble’s?) Greatsword, Estoc, maybe a couple others I forgot about.

I only found two spells in addition to the ones you could buy: Resurgence and (Great?) Soul Arrow.

7 Red Phantoms total: 4 on the pillars, one before Chariot door, Sickle guy on cliffs, polearm guy in cave.

13 Human Effigies on ground, 4 from enemy drops.

8 Souls of Lost Undead

I only found the one chest below the mushroom cave, the one that releases poison.

2 NPCs, the rag hag and the necromancer after the chariot.

4 bonfires: Starting, under the bridge, in the locked dome, after the chariot.

Secrets or points of interest:
If you kill the necromancer after the chariot and come back, his tombstone appears. Offer 3000 souls and you summon his phantom, which as far as I can tell just floats there and repeats the same dialogue as when he was alive.

The mushroom cavern does connect back to the stone barrier in the first building.

Smash boarded windows or light sconces for light dummies!!! In the very first building you can do this, there are also other windows you can see from afar that if you shoot them, will light some of the dark areas accessed elsewhere. There are wall sconces you can light in the areas with the necromancers.

The closed gate next to the first necromancer can be opened from the other side, reached from the waterfall cave. There are skeletons on that side you have to avoid until you do as they are raised by the same necro.

Sometimes when you light the torch, it will glitch and the flame will appear in your foot, you now cannot attack or do anything until you die or do something that would extinguish the torch.

Summoned phantoms sometimes invisible.

When summoned to another player’s game as a white phantom, sometimes when they summon a second, that player will appear alive and the host will appear to be a phantom.


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