Dark Souls 2 Network Test: For reals this time.

Posted: November 9, 2013 by ryanlecocq in Off-topic



So it looks like the North and South American players are actually going to get to play some Dark Souls 2 tonight.  I don’t think I’m going to bother with any kind of video, since those lucky foreign players who got in last time have already beaten me to the punch and thoroughly documented every nook and cranny.  What I will be doing is completely conquering every single moving creature now that I have seen said videos.  Those of you who have played with me before know that I have a “come and get it” policy.  This means I do not believe in invading other player’s worlds, but will do everything possible to provoke them into mine.  Since there aren’t any covenant bosses to murder or giant, well-endowed princesses to one-hit, I’m just going to run around alive a lot with a very cocky look on my face.  So if you invade the world of PSN ID ryanlecocq, you better bring it.  I’ll be posting my full report tomorrow, hopefully with 2 bosses and many player kills under my belt.


Besides tossing down the gauntlet, I’d like to spend a little time debunking some falsehoods and misinformation about the network test:

The test will take place from 11pm PST to 2am PST, which means 3 hours, not the two hours many sites are reporting.  Learn to count people.

The official statement that the past test was cancelled because players around the world had trouble getting on is total horse-piss.  Only North and South American players were unable to get on because Bandai Namco is incompetent and didn’t release the required patch here.

You CAN be invaded while not alive, your chances just become lower each consecutive death as your health bar gets lower.  It’s almost like a difficulty scale.

Although the game is server based and not peer2peer now, connection troubles still persist.  Use the same general rules of try repeatedly and avoid trying in the most populous areas like the very start of the demo and right before boss battles as that will create the biggest bottleneck.


And now for a few tips:

Break boarded windows to let in light in the first building.

The chariot boss has a gimmick, it is (likely) impossible to just camp in an alcove and slowly shoot it to death.

It does not matter what order you kill the skeletons in the skeleton boss fight.  All of them contribute to the total health bar.

Nothing you do will be saved or carry over to the final version, so seeing everything in the demo should be your only priority.

Lifegems are not in any way crappy compared to estus.  So try them for the win, don’t resist change.

Invincibility frames are less for rolling and lock on no longer instantly snaps you to a perfectly aimed strike.  Good call in my opinion as rolling followed by lock-on backstabbing just made many players tedious in the past 2 games.  Fight with some skill and courage people.


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