Dark Souls 2 Beta: Postponed Indefinitely

Posted: October 25, 2013 by ryanlecocq in Features

1365616389-dark-souls-ii-playstation-3-ps3-2RUN AWAY!

I was one of the many people who stayed up all night last night in the hope of tasting a new Souls game.  Long story short: didn’t happen.  The basic rundown is that From Software made some kind of screwup that caused only North and South America to be locked out of a supposedly worldwide beta.  Mistakes do happen, but this is also a kind of mistake that is becoming a trend: Japanese developers de-prioritizing Western players.  We’ve been seeing it in games since Phantasy Star Online, where the Japanese support and response is instantaneous while the American players often have to wait for days with no game and no explanation.  I hope this is just a good old fashioned idiot mistake and not a sign of what to expect come release day.  Especially if From wants to sell copies.  While the games are wildly popular in Japan, it’s no secret that North America is the biggest gaming market where the most copies are sold.  I’m sure many will change their minds before the game releases, but there was a lot of “I’m not buying this game” going on about the internet by 2 this morning.

The official statement is that the beta will be rescheduled for another date.  Personally, I’m fine waiting a bit longer and would buy the game for twice the price if I had to wait twice as long.  Here’s hoping I’ll be rewarded with a solid game for my patience.

BONUS ROUND:  Are you losing your mind waiting for Dark Souls 2?  Keep yourself busy with a fresh run through Demon’s Souls!  The Souls community (led by several fan sites) are taking back Boletaria by force.  Create a new character and join the suddenly busy servers for some multiplayer action that ISN’T broken!  There are seriously more people playing right now than there were at launch and it makes DeS even more fun than it was my first time through.  See what a difference 4 years of tweaking and thousands of similar level players can do to your summoning rate.


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