Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition is coming for PC gamers.

Posted: August 20, 2012 by ryanlecocq in Features


If I… were the king… of the forrrrest!

Being both a PC and console gamer, I often have to listen to long rants about either when hanging out with die-hard fans of the other.  One I’ve heard from many PC users goes something along the line of: “Console games are just instant gratification for slow reflexes.  Japanese games are lame.  Console gamers could never handle the timing and precision of PC games blah blah blah…”  Well now you who have made that rant, the time comes now to sow.  Get ready to be whupped like a nerd in a dodgeball game.  We console gamers have been using a combination of expert timing and ninja precision on this game for almost a year and even the best of us see a lotta red text.  I may be wrong, but my guess is a similar amount of keyboards will be destroyed to the current figures in xbox and playstation pads.  This game is a mean one.

One of the first things I personally am interested in doing with the game is figuring out how to tweak more graphics settings.  The PC version is a straight port with almost no visual options.  Most likely the install contains nothing so straightforward as a settings.ini, but where there’s a will there’s a way.  Dark Souls is a beautifully designed game, but I want to use the 5-6 years of innovation since the Xbox 360 that my parts have to offer.  Unfortunately Dark Souls is almost certainly DirectX 9 native, so you will likely never be able to fully utilize newer hardware.  Still even the average GPU over $100 is twice as powerful as an Xbox 360 GPU (or 3 times).  There must be at least some driver-side features that could be forced to improve the image quality.  Even if no improvement is possible, the best fix has already been made.  Due to the massive power of PCs, lower Blighttown now runs at about 20-25 frames per second instead of 4-8.  You lucky PC gamers will never know what it’s like to slog through poisonous mud, while mosquitos spit blood at you and huge motherf*ckers throw rocks at you at 4 FRAMES PER SECOND!  Oh and leeches.  Effing huge ones.

Overall the critical news is that you can go online with your US versions Friday morning.  If you’ve been reading up at all, you know it features new content that isn’t available on consoles yet.  So there you go PC gamers, you get your one-up.  It isn’t in graphics, controls (gamepad recommended), online features or loading times.  It’s new content, which will really piss console gamers off.  If like me you just own both (really a requirement, since you can build a gaming rig for so little), you were probably going to re-buy it anyway, just to play it maxed out.  Unlike the console version, we won’t see a mountain of copies traded in by people who got owned.  They will have to look at it every day in their Steam library.  They’ll be back.


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