Diablo III review

Posted: June 13, 2012 by ryanlecocq in Reviews

The question with Diablo 3 isn’t “is it a good game?”  With the amount of time and money Blizzard has had, a team of flatworms could have made a good game.  The question is has Blizzard re-widened the gap between themselves and the increasing competition.  For starters let me say that Diablo 3 is a great game.  I won’t lure you though and here’s the punchline in the first paragraph: the dungeon-crawler as we know it has been perfected.  The ‘as we know it’ part is this game’s only flaw.  Blizzard has proved that they can still do all of their own concepts better than the contenders in a market now flooded with “Diablo clones.”  Not that much better though.  While I like the choices Blizzard made with the game, it just isn’t very audacious.  Since it’s imitators have gotten extremely good at imitating, the gap is not as wide as it once was.

What Diablo 3 absolutely delivers is a 100% polished and fully-featured dungeon crawl that will not disappoint.  Besides a few battle.net hiccups on launch day, getting online with or without friends is a snap.  There are no major glitches in my experience and I was able to effortlessly funnel it into my brain.  The flow of the game is much like Diablo 2, down to the length of the chapters and I enjoyed it just as much this time around.  Your pace steadily builds until the end of the game is pretty much non-stop bloody slaughter.  The boss fights are pretty well designed, though you won’t notice in normal difficulty as they go down pretty quick.

Really what defines how good Diablo 3 will be to you is this: how much do you enjoy hack n’ slashers?  If you can never get enough, D3 is the game for you.  If you’ve already played the first two as well as the Dark Alliance series, Champions of Norrath, Titan Quest and even Hunter: The Reckoning or Fallout: BoS, you may find that this is just another walk down a street you know very well.  It’s just as nice a walk as ever, but you’re going to see the same blue, purple, yellow and orange houses you saw the last fifty times.  I personally fell somewhere in the middle.  I really enjoyed playing through the game once, but in my second playthrough a steeper difficulty curve wasn’t enough to keep me entertained.  I’ve just done the whole ‘repeat the game in harder difficulties’ thing a few too many times now.  Diablo 3 is the most perfectly executed dungeon crawler yet, but it is just another dungeon crawler, make no mistake.



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