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Posted: October 13, 2011 by ryanlecocq in Off-topic

So we’ve had thousands of hits in the last month and not a single comment.  Come on people.  I know the internet doesn’t have to be a social place, but at least one of you must have had some reaction or at least a question?  I mean I got the usual spam from the make your dong huge guys and the pharmaceutical companies, but I was hoping for at least one of the people that corrects my math or grammar.

If you find Bleeding Edge informative or entertaining let us know!  We put the time into writing these articles for no other reason than to share knowledge and humorous opinions.  This isn’t a blog about us or a place for us to promote our views.  I created Bleeding Edge to try to deliver the closest thing possible to a professional site or magazine, without the corporate ownership.  Between the now 4 of us, it takes a fortune and countless hours to buy and play every major game, especially during the holiday season.  We find the motivation to create the content for the blog on top of living normal lives of working, studying and trying to do something besides play these games in a timely manner.  If you can take a few minutes to contribute, comment or question after getting the information you want, it would mean a lot to us.

The writers of the Bleeding Edge gaming blog appreciate all the traffic and also thank those who have linked to our articles.  As long as you credit us in some way, feel free to share our information with as many people as will listen.


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  1. Geoff says:

    I’ve been reading through some of your articles and have been really interested in your budget gaming ideas. While I don’t have an really knowledge or experience of putting together and computer myself, I’ve decided to give it a go. Which is the reason I found this site while searching for articles on Google. I have a question probably not the best place to ask it. My plan is to build a Steam box but my budget is quite low 300-400. I would like to stay on the lower end if possible. Which does not including screen, keyboard or mouse. I was wondering if you had any suggestions or more importantly a build that would fit within my budget for such a project. Any help would be much appreciated. thanks for some great reads as well.

    • ryanlecocq says:

      I was actually about to do another build and another guide on an APU only HTPC with the A10-5800k. I would highly recommend it as my build came out to $350 on newegg. Rather than using a hybrid crossfire like I’ve suggested before, I recommend just going with the APU as the 7660 is good enough for a while, then getting a much better dedicated later as the CPU alone will still keep up with a better card like teh 7850, no crossfire.

      I’ll edit this comment later today when I get home with the exact parts. Since I already put a few hours into the research, you can just click buy if you approve. I already crosschecked to make sure these were the best parts for the price of each type. My build has an iHas Lite-On burner for pirating Xbox 360 games, but that is of course optional.

  2. Geoff says:

    Wow.! I didn’t expect such a quick response. Much appreciated. I look forward to the newegg parts list. that would be amazing.

  3. Geoff says:

    Again I really appreciated all the information you’ve given me. I feel little ashamed asking you more questions as you’ve already provided me with really enough , but I just wanting to pick your brain a bit more if you don’t mind and ask, what HDD and Cooler/fan would you recommend and if there’s a brand of Thermal Compound which you find to work well or will any one do?

    So far without the HDD and Fan my build is $375 with taxes and shipping, but I expected somewhat of a difference in the price as I live in Canada. thanks for all the help and articles.

    • ryanlecocq says:

      The stock cooler for the Trinity APUs is decent. It’s nothing fancy, but the reviews of the 5800K show a bunch of people running it in HTPC cases without overheating. Some of them even overclocked with stock cooling. You must have went with a pretty pricey case as my build was at $300 with the same. Are newegg’s prices higher for Canadians? That’s unfortunate if so, since the dollars are so close.

      Arctic MX-4 is a good way to go if you want it totally no-brainer. It’s only slightly (as in a degree or two) less effective than the best pastes and has no cure time. You just put it on and start using your PC, without a tedious couple days of running and turning off your new PC.

      As far as an HDD goes, since we’re already going over budget I would just get whatever you need. An SSD would be good future upgrade, but for now even 250-350GB HDD would hold your games for a while.

      If it’s the exchange that’s making it over budget, I guess I didn’t realize that going in. If you want to reach back towards the $300 mark, I can look into a cheaper combo like the previous series A8 and a Hudson D1 mobo. I just really like the 5800K since it’s such a competent APU, really the first one that can be in a “real” PC that’s not a backup or a casual device.

  4. Geoff says:

    Yeah, the shipping and handling on it, plus the price difference which was minimal added another 70 dollars and some change. I found a HTPC box with a 500 Watt power supply locally here wondering if it’s a better box to go with. At this point my laptop has seen better days. I just wanted an upgrade that could play emulators, minecraft, and a PC version of NHL 04 (online) and some steam games (which i’ve never tried before). I could probably go with a cheaper alternative but as you mentioned this build would be a quality or “real” PC. Something that would handle or tackle more graphically intensive games if I so choose to play them in the future. I should also mention that i’m not a serious gamer, as of right now. Which is the main reason for building a computer on a budget for me. I guess if I through out the idea of playing steam games for right now and just wanted minecraft, emu and NHL I could probably build a very very cheap PC that would run those games fairly flawlessly. Again I really appreciated all the advice and time you’ve spent talking to me.

    • ryanlecocq says:

      I think you should stick with your original plan, you’ll be happiest with it in the end. It will not only run new games on Steam, it will run them at high framerates and settings. Just see if you can cut costs anywher while keeping the CPU and chipset the same. For example your APU is only 100W and that’s most of the power draw. So as is your system only needs about a 200W PSU total. That could save you money.

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