1st Annual Cult Gaming Awards

Posted: July 16, 2011 by ryanlecocq in Features

To celebrate the 1st anniversary of Bleeding Edge, I’ve decided to create my own version of a popular dead horse.  The annual award ceremony.  Since I’m nowhere near qualified to decide on the best PC hardware or the best written program, I’ll keep it to my area of expertise: Cult Classic Videogames.  You’ve seen this shit before on other gaming sites, so I won’t insult you with a bunch of ceremony.  The only point of data is ‘the year’ means the 12 months since the blog started.  The games:


Cult Classic Game of the Year

Alice: Madness Returns

If you read my review, you already know this one.  I don’t really know what else to say.  This game is the definition of a cult classic.  Not by accident either.  American McGee and Tim Schafer apparently share the philosophy of aiming a product to hit a very small target to win the battle, even if it costs the war.  This is another one that will be infamous in it’s way, because it’s diehards will be raging it’s praises in Gamestops the world over for a decade.


Best New Serial/Episodic Game

Back to the Future the Game

I cried when I saw Doc’s workshop and heard the piano wax BTTF.  I remember a part in the commentary of “The Princess Bride” where Mandy Patinkin recalls he was crying in Mann’s Chinese during a funny part of the movie at it’s first screening.  His wife looked over at him and said “This is hilarious, why are you crying?”  He replied “I just never thought I would be part of something so good.”  Every part of this game so far is just like that.


Game Most ‘Got’ by Women and Not by Men

Heavy Rain (Honorable Mention: Venetica)

Yes, I cheated.  This game came out a few months before we started and I did not review it.  I’m going to remedy that very soon with a retro review.  I think Brice and I may be the only men I know who have finished this game.  Nearly all the female gamers I know who had access to a Playstation love this game to death.  90% of men I know have picked it up and said “Oooh-ahh” and dropped it for God of War or Call of Duty.  Maybe it has something to do with the fact that you at one point change a baby’s diaper and every single part could be described as ’emotional.’  It’s also one of the best games I have ever played.  Had I not chosen to bend the rules and give it this nod, I would have considered it for game of the year too.  Not to mention best soundtrack possibly ever in a videogame.


Best Free2Play Online Game


This was actually the hardest category.  Hellgate London is a far more advanced game, but it’s barely out of beta and also truly from 2008.  Spiral Knights is one of the more charming F2Ps I’ve seen and recalls Phantasy Star Online, one of my all time favorite games.  Really though, there is only one game in this category that is truly the best Cult Classic f2p.  Mythos not only runs better on a lower range of systems than Spiral Knights, but it functions far more perfectly than Hellgate, despite that game’s years of tweaking.  Mythos is simple and fun, as well as filled with things to discover.  It lacks a bit in graphics design and music, but has a lot of charm nonetheless.


Best Horror/Survival Horror Game

Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Since Heavy Rain got in and it’s the first year, I decided it was only right the best example since Deadly Premonition got it’s due.  Amnesia is a textbook example of a horror game.  The story the atmosphere and the good old fashioned jump out and scare the crap out of you thrills are all there.  It’s also got a lot of surprising depth.  For the Cult gamer, that’s a must.  Top honors.

Well that’s it.  You may notice the only honorable mention was Venetica.  That’s because the others were no contest victories.  See you next year.

  1. Nigel says:

    Hey I just found your website (on the 1 year anniversary haha). Anyways your site looks great, I’ll be checking it out more often!

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