Mythos Review

Posted: May 7, 2011 by ryanlecocq in Reviews

No Blood Elves?  Okay I’m interested.

I should really change the name of this blog to the the Bleeding Edge Technology blog since I hardly play games anymore.  Every once in a while one comes along that sucks me back in front of my screen and Mythos is one of those.  Ever since The Burning Crusade was released and WoW drastically changed focus from PVE to PVP and raids, there has been a demand for the basic appeal of WoW’s PVE in a free game.  Many WoW private servers and free-to-play Korean games have tried to meet this demand and failed.  Until now there just has not been a WoW-lite that let you quest, skill-build and craft items in a system similar to WoW quality for free.  It comes as little surprise that this game was partially developed by ex-Blizzard employees.

As I mentioned in a previous article, Mythos was originally developed by Flagship, headed by Travis Baldree (Fate, Torchlight).  When that company went under, it was purchased by Hanbitsoft and retuned as a free2play MMO.  I didn’t play in the original beta and only saw it briefly, so I won’t list the changes.  The result is a game that is very much WoW-lite.  You quest, you loot, you craft and you make a skill build.  Take away the battlegrounds and every thing else post-WoW 1.1 and put it in a Torchlight style isometric view and you have Mythos.  The major difference is that like Guild Wars, every questing area is instanced and only towns and quest hubs are public.  These questing areas are usually randomized dungeons that will be familiar to anyone who has played a Diablo game or Torchlight.  The quest objectives won’t surprise you much either.  Dungeon quests are almost always ‘kill this thing’ or ‘collect these things.’  The only difference being the in-town ‘help the NPC with trivial personal shit’ quests ala WoW.

What really makes Mythos ‘the one’ in the Hack-n-Slash market right now is that it functions, it’s fun and it’s here now.  Granted only the European servers were up on time, but I’m not experiencing any lag playing with the Redcoats.  Torchlight 2 and other similar games are not out yet and claim less features.  Mythos runs on almost any system and can be played to full enjoyment without a dollar invested.

My only gripes with this game are in it’s presentation.  Since it’s now free, these are all unfair, but I would have paid a little for a shinier and better sounding game.  The graphics are fairly simple and repetitive even at high settings and the soundtrack is just pretty darn weak.  There is an “MMO Style” camera option, but it’s 100% user controlled, meaning it doesn’t follow you or avoid walls automatically like you are used to in WoW or Guild Wars.  This pretty much limits you to the isometric view, which although smooth and decent looking, puts you at a bad angle on some of the best action.  Sound effects are also limited in variety, making for a lot of the same ‘smack’ sound.  All of this is perfectly fine in a free game, but I have to wonder if Flagship could have done better.

Overall Mythos is 100% worth your time.  It won’t cost you anything, so you can play at your leisure without feeling the need to get your value.  Any system will run it, so even your poor friends who normally can’t get onboard may jump at the chance to play with you.  It’s also one of the best games to start a younger sibling or spouse on to introduce them to the concept of an MMO.  The approachable interface and hands-on gameplay are much easier to jump into than WoW and Guild Wars’ myriad of options.  There is a lot of content available right now (4 large zones, each with several hubs and dozens of dungeons) and more being added very quickly for a free game.  If you’ve been waiting and hoping for a game to come along that would just let everyone grind together without a fuss, it’s finally here.


  1. lazyreviewer says:

    They may not be blood elves but they look really similar with that red robe!

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