The Tenchu MMO

Posted: March 28, 2011 by lagunawsu2 in Features, Off-topic

Okay, so I know Tenchu Z was going in this direction, but after playing way, way too much Homefront this game just has to come out of my head.

Okay, so, Homefront reference and some background. I play with an ability called “Now That’s A Knife” which increases your melee range, and, as every FPS has had since time immemorial, melee is of course an instant kill. So if I can can get to within a decent proximity of you, my 9-inch blade comes out and gives you an extra smile.  So here’s me, stealthing around on my belly, waiting for dudes to come around corners with huge AX-whatever assault rifles, and I think to myself, “Why can’t this be in medieval Japan and the worst thing he has is a katana?”

Like a sack of bricks it hit me, The Tenchu MMO. You and 32 other dudes log in to a Japanese ninja village. You can choose two sides, Ninjas or Guards. The gameplay would then be very much reminiscent of Splinter Cell. The Ninjas are stealthing around, trying to kill guards instantly or distract them into traps. The Guards for there part are shooting bows, throwing knives and shaking bells to get together and take out these masked evil doers. Ala Assassins Creed, I would have a list of “avatars” to choose from, each with unique stealth kills and abilities. Also, in addition to previous well thought out mechanics, I would introduce a Dueling feature wherein a Guard (or a Ninja, if they were so inclined) could “call out” a Ninja into a duel. Now most Ninjas will of course have abilities to deny these duels, but you could run out of smoke bombs at some point, and then the Guard has you and you have to fight it out for your life. This would be a fairly simple fighting game, with the ability to customize some abilities (Guards could have sick Iajitsu-like abilities, Ninjas can set traps on the dueling field, etc). You could even build a Ninja designed to duel, who walks down the street with a scar on one eye and a mean chip on his shoulder. Guards beware!

Anyway, this game in some form I’m sure will be here in less than 5 years, I just wanted to throw it out there that the Tenchu series has the potential for a pretty awesome revival.

Laguna out.

  1. ryanlecocq says:

    I would so preorder it. Laguna, Laguna, the Moombas chant his name.

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