The Pacific Northwest is the new Africa for Video Games

Posted: February 27, 2011 by ryanlecocq in Off-topic

The mighty Douglas Fir, up to 125 meters (400 feet) of majestic motherfucking beauty.  I fell out of one once.

By that I mean every game is taking place there now, just like Africa for the late 00s.  David Lynch has been called ahead of his time before, but his show Twin Peaks seems to be the setting to ape in the new decade.  Deadly Premonition borrows more than a setting from said show, while Alan Wake plays like a local author’s novel.  Laguna and I are both from NW Washington (the little town of Bellingham) so it’s pretty noticeable when a game borrows a photo realistic location of a local town or ski resort.  Just as I’m sure the people of Texas feel about King of the Hill, it’s both fun and insulting depending on how it’s done.  Some of the stereotypes, I assure you are true.  I drink a shitload of coffee, and both Laguna and I went to a private liberal high school where backpacking and granola eating were taught next to Zinn’s People’s History.

The real shocker though is the upcoming Silent Hill: Downpour.  I love the SH series and as any fan knows, although the exact location is up for debate, that Silent Hill is in the Eastern half of the U.S.  A quick browse of the videos of SH:D will show however than Silent Hill has apparently been relocated.  It’s possible that the European developers have never been to West Virginia, but have clearly been to Vancouver, B.C.  Besides the addition of the persistent rain and the alteration of the local flora from Oaks and Pine trees to Douglas Firs and Western Red Cedars, is the strange addition of a subway to Silent Hill.  Now I don’t know if any of you have ever been to any small American towns, but they don’t have subways.  In fact many cities in the Eastern U.S.A. don’t have them.  A place that does have one as well as the aforementioned trees is Vancouver, British Columbia.

I’m not saying that this all couldn’t just be ignorance and coincidence, but as a native Northwesterner, I can tell a Douglas Fir tree when I see one.  In the opinion of this blogger, the gaming industry just has a boner for the Northwest.  I wouldn’t be surprised if a gritty reboot of Resident Evil put Raccoon city in Washington or Oregon.  Hell, maybe Knights of the Old Republic Online will release someday with a planet called Oregonia.  Or maybe Silent Hill’s evil nature just causes it to move about like the Flying Dutchmen, hunting down the bad gentile boys and girls.

  1. skookum says:

    125 feet (200m) ??????

    “Douglas-firs are medium-size to large evergreen trees, 20–120 metres (66–390 ft)”

    125 feet = 38.1 Meters
    200 feet = 60.96 Meters
    125 Meters = 410.10 feet
    200 Meters = 656.16 feet

    • ryanlecocq says:

      Sometimes these things happen when posts go up late at night. That should say: 125 meters or 400 feet as you correctly stated that is the tallest they grow. Edited.

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