A wish list for the final World of Warcraft patch.

Posted: February 27, 2011 by ryanlecocq in Off-topic

Once, in ancient times, two moons orbited the World of Warcraft and then… well actually we still don’t have a damn clue where the other one went.

So assuming that Cataclysm will be WoW’s last full expansion and it’s final full patch will conclude the main story, there are a few things I would like to see before the staff turns off the lights.  Most of them are, big surprise, graphical and technical.

You people want the moon!

Well, really I want it back.  The second moon that is.  Called “The Blue Child” for you loremasters, WoW’s world of Azeroth once had a second, blue moon just like Tatooine (oh wait, that was a blue sun, whatever).  When The Burning Crusade came out, it was just… gone.  I mean no quest, no NPC dialogue and definitely no explanation from Blizzard.  Could it be that Illidan somehow stole the moon and erased everyone’s memory of it?  Seriously though, where the hell is it?

Uhh, the weather forcast is none.

Once upon a time (1.1) Blizzard was really excited to tell us about the intelligent weather system they had added that used probability of some kind to generate rain, snow and sandstorms.  Over the years as people have complained about weather slowing down their systems, it’s been reduced to an extremely rare occurrence in a few zones and a few places where it’s scripted (mostly snow in Northrend).  Besides that events like the pre-Cata one will create storms while they are happening.  For a very brief time it even rained in Dun Morogh during the elemental invasions.  What I would like to see is at the very minimum a return to the old more frequent weather in every zone.  Even better than that would be the addition of wind on grass and branches and the very best would be storms that happen randomly, rather than just in certain zones.

New Hero Class: Veteran

Now that the classic zone lore reflects the actions of your 5 years ago characters, it would be cool to be able to make a character who was actually your original character, now hardened from those now legendary deeds.  Rather than being a fresh character, you would be able to remake any character above 55 into a Veteran.  Veteran characters would play just like their original class, but with different talents above 55 that were more difficult to use but more rewarding (say having longer cooldowns or taking more resources).  Other than that they would play like your original class, except called “Veteran Mage” for example.  The starting area would be a flashback to the classic endgame of original WoW with the new touches Blizzard has learned since added in.  Just like the Death Knight starting experience, it would spit you out right before Burning Crusade.  Ideally this would come after TBC and WOTLK have been updated similarly to classic so that this then reflected all of that same lore as being over and past.

The Devil is in the Details (and the detail sounds, textures and objects)

Now that the water is shiny, Elwynn has new trees and all of the crappy ground textures are gone, I have few complaints about WoW’s environmental graphics.  The only niggling grates are the lack of detail and variety in some of the smallest textures.  While the grass and flowers in Elwynn look very nice now, some of the other areas have some of the most 8-bit looking shrubs I’ve ever seen.  There is also only one footprint texture for every type of character that just scales up and down in size.  Female BEs should leave high-heeled footprints and Goblins should leave prints that look like midget clowns came through.  Finally there are still way too few sound effects, even though it’s better than it was.  If different guns/bows/blades/spells sounded more different, WoW would be much less annoying to the other people in the room.  Even in Mega Man X the different blasters have more sound effects than WoW’s weapons.

Other than that my complaints are few and far between.  WoW has matured well both as a program and as a community and is entering it’s golden age with stride, becoming more approachable to the grandchildren.  With a few little touches, I could easily see myself going back later in life to relive the past glory.


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