Hinterlands Part 3: Character Profiles

Posted: February 9, 2011 by ryanlecocq in Uncategorized

These are just preliminary, so any plot details are subject to change in the unlikely event that this ever becomes a real game.

Torel (Player Character):  Your name comes from the characters tattooed on the back of your head only visible in your infancy, before you had hair (or if you should find a hairdresser and go full-Ghandi).  Phonetically they spell Tor-El.  El means one, but the word Tor is gibberish.  Due to the character’s similarity to Tar (to be hungry), the people of Warden jokingly say that Torel is some rural dialect meaning “The always hungry one.”  They relate this to Torel’s hunting proficiency, saying that it is driven by insatiable appetite.  Whether male or female, people refer to you as ‘Tor.’

Jesei: The son/daughter of the Lone Warden (chief of Warden) and your childhood companion.  One part best friend, one part junior-sidekick and potentially one part love interest if your character swings for the childhood friend thing.  If the character is male, he’s the incompetent but earnest tame giant.  If female she’s the timid librarian.  Either way, this is your princess that always needs saving and is unfortunately never in another castle.  More than just a useless moron though, this person is sort of a Samwise Gamgee who tries so hard to keep up, but just wasn’t born a hero.  You are always protecting them, but when you go down, they’ll scream a weak-yet-endearing battle cry and pull you to safety.  This character is also the official envoy from your village, whom you were sent to protect, so they speak for you on most occasions.

Queen Lysen:  Ruler of the Southlands and leader of it’s people.  Although barely into her 20s, the young Queen has lived to see the death of her parents and survived the political upheaval afterward.  Lysen proposed the council of wisemen and met the approval of the citizens who feared a single ruler who’s bloodline only represented Eldil and Nen in truth.  Named by her people “the true firstborn of Burjaard the wise,” Lysen is the people’s faith as well as their strength.  Faith in the benevolent monarchy hinges on her presence.

Andland: The tragic knight errant, Andland has been a vigilante in the years since his family was killed by blackguards.  Prior to this he was the personal protector of the then-princess Lysen.  Although Andland’s band of do-gooders were once conveniently ignored, he has recently become violent and vengeful.  As a result the Queen regretfully commanded his arrest.  The once-knight instead turned himself in and has been awaiting trial for some time now in the Lysi dungeon.

Gormani: The scholar Gormani was once the most respected of Lysi’s wisemen.  Recently he developed an obsession with ancient mythology and asked to go on personal leave to do research.  It is rumored that he is planning an expedition to the Hinterlands, only adding to the public unease at his sudden departure.

Baumann Bloodfist:  Though tales would tell that Baumann Bloodfist is called so because he beats people to death, by his own account it’s because it makes Baumann (a flowering shrub) sound scary.  Most people call him Bloodfist to his face, but as it annoys him to hear to often, his friends call him ‘Bow’ (like Bow-wow).  A noted (read notorious) mercenary, Baumann is currently living on borrowed time in the Lysi dungeon, due to sharing a cell with Andland.  The guards seem on strict orders to ignore them besides at mealtime and Mr. Bloodfist is not inclined to press.

Vixen: Vixen is said to be Andland’s ally and sometimes lieutenant (some tales even claim she is his lover or the ghost of his wife).  Accounts of her are fragmentary at best, but she is rumored to be another vigilante seeking revenge.  Although she has not been arrested, she has attempted no rescue of Andland so far.


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