February Feature: Hinterlands

Posted: February 9, 2011 by ryanlecocq in Features

So our tight (read: very small) group of regular readers may remember my feature a few months back on the games I would make if I were a developer.  One of them was Hinterlands, an adventure game.  So Laguna informed me that there was already a B-grade Diablo clone called Hinterlands back in 1999.  Fortunately the rights are long expired so I’m keeping the name as it’s key to the game’s mythology.

Starting later today I’ll put up my complete outline for the game (similar to what a game producer would show to a potential publisher) in several parts.  These will describe the gameplay and system without spoiling too much of the game’s plot in case I ever actually sell it.

So look forward to the basic gameplay feature later today.  The character and world art design feature will come next week if I can get my sketches scanned.


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