Is EA working on a console?

Posted: February 8, 2011 by ryanlecocq in Off-topic

Recently Electronic Arts has been pulling back support of certain consoles and services.  Removing EA titles from OnLive and being evasive on PSP2 (or NGP as it’s codenamed) seem like isolated events, but I’m suspecting a pattern.  EA is specifically pulling out of high end portable markets.  OnLive allows you to stream console-quality games to a portable and the NGP is looking to offer a Steam-like experience through PSN that would allow you to play high end games on their portable and purchase them anywhere.  If EA is either looking to release their own high end portable or partnering with someone like Apple, it would explain this behavior.

An iOS or Android based portable that allowed Battlefield and Madden on the road could be a hit if it offered cross platform play with consoles.  Here’s hoping that EA is working on something big with those piles of money instead of just sitting on the fence for the new consoles to fight it out.


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