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Posted: February 5, 2011 by ryanlecocq in Off-topic

I wouldn’t say I get a huge amount of private messages in regards to the blog, but it’s enough that a lot of them are repeats.  So here’s a few bits that didn’t justify a whole article.

Q:  I’ve noticed your reviews are platform-nonspecific, which game system do you think is the best?

A:  Unfortunately these days you need ’em all to play all of the best games.  If forced to choose, I think all three of us would agree that the Xbox 360 has provided the most consistent entertainment for the last 5 years and the large majority of our reviews were played on that system.

Q:  Are you absolutely sure there’s no child pornography in Rule of Rose?  Cause I heard…

A:  Absolute certitude.  People get tied up, some dirt is thrown in some faces and one person is burned with candle wax while fully clothed, but no minors copulate in this game.

Q:  Isn’t Reaver just teh greatest character EVAH?

A:  No.  Like the show “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” Reaver is supposed to delight you because he’s unabashedly rotten.  You aren’t supposed to actually want to be like him, just love to vicariously hate him instead of hating those urges in yourself.

Q:  What is the best legal way to play the obscure games you’ve mentioned?

A:  Without resorting to piracy and emulating them on your PC, the cheapest way is by going down to Gamestop and buying a used PS2 and a used Gamecube for about $100 total.  Then get the games as cheap as you can on ebay or Amazon.  Remember the PS2 will play all of the PS1 games and a lot of the games were released or re-released on Gamecube or PS2 (Skies of Arcadia, Phantasy Star Online, Grandia 2 etc.).  For the few games on the Dreamcast that were not re-released on another platform you can order them, but they’re pricey and rare.  Panzer Dragoon Saga is just plain impossible to get under $100-150 so good luck.

Q:  What do you have against Game Informer?

A:  Everything.  Besides that they exist solely to promote Gamestop and are owned wholly by said evil monopoly, their crimes are many.  They have on several occasions outright lied about games to promote pre-sales (Gun comes to mind), will often score games on a strange curve that follows the trends and overall have no journalistic integrity.  They also write poorly.

Q:  What did you mean when you said you had ‘disagreements’ with Blizzard regarding code?

A:  They released a patch (4.01) that was crashing systems and making people buy brand new GPUs because they thought they had fried the old ones.  As has become Blizzard standard, they also refused to comment or give advice or a timetable on a solution.  I attempted to make a custom graphics mod so that people could fall in water without crashing their PCs and not see blue dots all over the screen.  Blizzard politely informed me (and correctly so) that as that was modifying game code, to which WoW’s license agreement did not grant me access, it was illegal.

Q:  Excellent Blog?  Would you like to maximum your acceptance of newly guests with knowledgeable application?

A:  You will be ready to f-ck yourself and I wish you speedily journey to the hellish realm.

Part 2 FMCs (frequently made complaints)

So there are a few comments and messages that I don’t even bother to approve or reply to.  Usually it’s because they’re either pointlessly rude and uninformative, or they’re totally inaccurate.  Here are some choice examples.

“Some minor detail of your tech article is wrong!  Rather than look it up and correct your typo or honest mistake, I’m going to rant about how my brother works at Dell and he knows way more about computers!”

“Intel/nVidia/ATi/AMD sucks and you are wrong because (competitor) has always been and will always be better!”

“You stole that information from my site even though I posted later!”

“I already have a blog called ‘The Bleeding Edge’ that is about knives/photography/serial killing!  I’m going to sue you for the use of a common turn of phrase!”


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