Breathe relief Silicon Valley, I will pirate no more.

Posted: January 5, 2011 by ryanlecocq in Off-topic

I have come to amicably negotiate my surrender.  Please stand quietly and hear my list of demands, or my men will open fire.

I’ve always said that if entertainment was a fair cost/benefit relationship I would stop pirating, hacking, modding and all the other things I do to contribute to the state of piracy.  Well, that day has come and I won’t be a hypocrite.  With Netflix, Pandora and OnLive being easy to get on any consumer electronics now, bypassing overpriced retail, fairness and reason have returned to the entertainment industry.

So I quit.  I won’t incriminate myself by listing my illegal exploits over the last 15 years, but I have been a major contributor to the piracy movement since the internet took off.  I don’t do it to prove I’m smarter than other people, I do it because I believe that when the law is unjust, the people who can should make things right, even if it’s illegal.  I think those days are over now.  Most of the other people who do what I did are already working at the companies providing entertainment.  They understand exactly how we feel, because they were whiz kid hackers and data thieves back when all this started, then they sold out and switched sides.  Even though I take pride in never turning in my skills for money or in fear of legal wrath, I respect the fellow pirates that changed things from the inside.

It’s been a lot of fun cracking firmwares and security that I know ex-hackers designed, but my honorable opponents, I surrender.  I’ve traded in my memberships to piracy boards for a NetFlix account, an OnLive box and a GPS with satellite radio.  Doing so is my ultimate admission of being on the wrong side and putting down my guns.

  1. lagunawsu2 says:

    “Hacking is not a crime” ~ Adam Savage

    Besides, with the death of pirate bay, ISOhunt and whatever else have you, torrents as a form of piracy is very much on the way out. It’s been ruled against in multiple courts, especially when your selling t-shirts that say “DUR I LIEK PIRATING”.

  2. ryanlecocq says:

    Yeah but I’m not talking about torrents. I’m talking about the illegal code I wrote that hacked all those game consoles I’ve showed you and other DRM violations. That scene has nothing to do with torrents and is still going strong. I don’t think me quitting will change anything, but I was one of very few people left in the United States who still risk making these things. Most of the people I collaborated with on hacks and cracks were Russians and Germans.

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