Great Moments in Zelda:

Posted: January 3, 2011 by lagunawsu2 in Features

I recently watched a review of Zelda 64 so I had some of these theme’s running around in my head already…

Even when I first heard it, I realized these games (especially Ocarina of Time) were something different. 15 years later, I’m still thinking about them. Crazy.

When you first entered this area, it was (most likely) the largest in game area you had ever been in. Period. It kinda blew the mind.

I loved Wind Waker…and if you couldn’t stand the change in graphic style, then you missed out on a great frikkin’ game.

Last but not least, if you didn’t play Minish Cap, please emulate it immediately. Although made by Capcom, not Nintendo, these guys really pull together their A-team and deliver a FIRST RATE Zelda experience. It feels like the old development team from Link to the Past got back together and made another game, with a few new wacky twists. And this lady who does the music hits it PERFECTLY, like she’s been playing Zelda since she was in the womb.


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