OnLive Update and Game mini-reviews.

Posted: January 2, 2011 by ryanlecocq in Reviews

So I’ve been playing OnLive consistently for the last 2 weeks or so and so far it just keeps getting better.  Since I first posted there haven’t been any new games added and this is still the only major problem.  I’m in the PlayPack beta with my MicroConsole purchase, so I have the extra 14 games in addition to the half a dozen or more I’ve purchased.  So it’s not too bad, more than I have for my Xbox by far, but none of them are new.  If we could get Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood in the next few days I won’t be complaining.  My MicroConsole got delayed by the usual holiday mess, but I should have it tomorrow.  In the meantime here are some of my thoughts on how playing these games on OnLive changes the experience.



I always wanted to play through Borderlands again, but after the first run, everyone was over it.  As great as the game was, Brice and I had a really hard time getting over how different (and less really) the final game was from what Gearbox had originally promised.  Now that I’ve had a year to get over it and there is a load of new content, I’m having a blast.  What really makes Borderlands so much more viable on OnLive is how easy it is to get your friends on.  With the console versions it was always a pain to get all of your friends online, on the same console.  With the GOTY edition 50% off for the holidays, I was able to instantly get 4 friends together to play.  The fact that you can get on anywhere there’s a computer ups the time you actually play together by a huge amount.  Chat was easy to set up with Skype and we all have microphones of some kind.  Better than Xbox Live where everyone’s crappy 1st party mic breaks after a month.


Batman: Arkham Asylum

As much as I love Batman and as great as this game is, I could never get into it on Xbox.  These days I seldom buy or finish any but the very best games and sometimes not even those.  People spectating me and brag clips have changed that.  I now realize that the whole point of this game is doing something amazing while others are watching and screaming “I’M BATMAN! I’M BATMAN! I’M BATMAN!” in a shrill voice.  I somehow never felt worthy of being the Dark Knight until other people were cheering, the bats were flying and suddenly I had become the night.  Somehow it’s just never the same when you tell people about video games, no matter how well.  Now that you can show them, boring stories have been replaced with shared experiences.  I’m Batman.


Red Faction Guerilla

Damn this game is good.  I would never have played it if not for OnLive too.  Even though the game received good reviews, it got buried in one of the best gaming years ever.  Since that flow doesn’t seem to be slowing, I may never have played this game if I hadn’t demoed it on OnLive.  After about 2 minutes of the multiplayer Destruction mode I bought the game.  I didn’t even start the campaign for days.  When I did, I wasn’t disappointed, this game has a fantastic single player mode.  Really though, I’m going to be hiding behind walls to Rhino Laguna to death long after I finish the plot.


Kane and Lynch: Dog Days

So I’m not denying anything I said in my very harsh review of this game way back when it released.  It still has literally no ending and some seriously stupid, Tomb Raider 2 quality combat sequences.  The huge difference this time is the game was $10 and I can’t return it to Gamestop.  At that price the rating for this game goes up by 2 or 3.  With the holiday sale it’s one of the cheapest co-op games on OnLive and offers the most robust multiplayer with it’s selection of modes.  The game’s compressed video look actually works perfect making it the closest to other versions of all the games OnLive has to offer (go figure).



Trine made the OnLive transition very well.  The controls suffer less from lag than anything but the Lego titles and the bright graphics compress well.  It also features single screen co-op, so it’s a great one to show off OnLive to other people who are older than 8.  My opinion has always been that this game was too steep at $15.  I got it for $5 and I feel pretty satisfied.  Even at full price it’s not terrible though as it’s long and in-depth for an indie game.  The humor is a little weak these days, but would’ve earned a chuckle when the first King’s Quest came out.


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