If I made video games…

Posted: November 19, 2010 by ryanlecocq in Features

Continuing the theme of the “Last Console” feature, the other thing you see a lot of is the game people would make if they ever got the chance.  Well I don’t just have one, I have 3.  Before you say ‘yeah but they probably suck’ take a look.

1. Hinterlands (Action-Adventure RPG)

You begin the game in a remote snowy valley as a hunter in a nomadic tribe.  You are an orphan adopted by the chief (allow me this one cliche) who has found a place with your hunting and tracking skills.  You are out doing your hunting/gathering one day when an enormous undead mastodon breaks through the frozen lake and attacks you and your foster sibling (a companion character throughout the game that will be gender opposite of your character).  After defeating this tutorial boss battle while learning to use your hunter skills to pinpoint physics based weaknesses, you of course go to the village medicine man.  He tells you that the recent warm weather is an evil thing, releasing horrors that were sealed by the ice which was actually caused by powerful magic in ancient times.  You are of course sent on a quest to the distant capital to warn the regent of the land.

The ‘Survival’ skills of your character would control gameplay throughout.  You would be able to see enemy footprints, view ghost images of what had happened in an area based on tracks and marks and even create impromptu shelter at random in order to make camp and save your game.  In a similar style to Assassin’s Creed or Thief, these unique powers would separate you from NPCs giving you a feeling of power and usefulness.

When coming south into the civilized land you find that the people have taken the warming climate for granted, becoming frivolous and lazy with the easier living.  You of course have to travel the world and convince everyone that the warm weather is actually apocalyptic.  Throughout your quest you will discover your own heritage and it’s vital importance as well as your connection to the ancient threat that is thawing.

So maybe a few cliches, but they say there is no such thing as true originality anymore.

2. “Chariot” (working title, car sim)

The concept of Chariot is to recreate how most real people develop a love of cars.  Sim games so far have only shown the corporate racing life or the street culture of movies that doesn’t really exist.  I’m talking about a game where you start out as a 16 year old wannabe gearhead with $1000 you saved from cutting lawns.  You can check the listings for a huge list of real street legal cars from Toyota Camrys to restored DeLoriens but you will start with something like a beat up old 89 CRX with the low HP high fuel-economy version engine.  The first set of mail order muffler and intake that you bolt on yourself will make that beast sound even worse but will give you the go to beat that 84 Corolla Supra from down the street.

After this short but humbling beginning you will slowly make your way up through the real world of racing.  ie Redneck raceways and street racing gang members.  You would have an avatar that you would occasionally control out of car to fight/run from angry gang bangers or attend a sponsor party.  Your ultimate goal is to outdo an arrogant car designer-racer-billionaire (think Tony Stark) played by me, the game’s director.  Breaking the fourth wall this makes the antagonist you are trying to one up yet at the same time emulate, the same person who fills that role in the figurative sense.  You are trying to out virtual tweak and out virtual race the person who designed the game itself.  I would of course lampoon the Hursts of the world to make it humorous.

After designing your own car and beating your rival, you basically take his place, owning your own car company and race team.  At this point you take on a management simulation of your empire as you design new cars and manage your team.  The game becomes open at this point taking on a more Sims style, not requiring you to race for cars and resources.

3. Waster (Action-arcade)

Waster is an action arcade game where you kill enemies for points with random weapons.  The loose story is that on a desert planet where people live in biodomes, gladiator like mercenaries leave the domes to fight the vast variety of monsters native to the planet.  The story doesn’t take itself seriously as you will immediately discover at the first loading screen.  While the game loads you are briefed by a general in his uniform and boxer shorts holding a coffee cup and giving you rambling briefings that have nothing to do with the situation.  I’m thinking like the Colonel AI in MGS2, telling strange stories and giving odd advice.  You then select from a large roster of humorous mercenaries and enter the wastes.

The game structure is simple.  You run around randomly generated environments with a wall of sandstorm (draw distance) about 50 feet ahead of you.  Out of this wall of sand come randomly generated monsters of every variety.  Every harpy, skeleton, zombie and werewolf you can imagine will pop up in a 256 spectrum of color variants.  They will have humorous names like the enemies from Final Fight.  You can only carry one melee and one ranged weapon at a time and these will range from devastating to ridiculous.  Missiles, salad tongs, kaber logs, grease guns and rail guns.  These will pop up at random like enemies, so you will constantly have to decide what to carry not knowing what you’ll have to fight next.  The whole time there is a loud Jamaican commentator spouting nonsense like Jet Grind Radio.  Stuff like “Ohh that Harpy looks sharpy mon!” and “Where ya be goin when da zombies came!”

I’m hoping for the perfect blend of every guilty pleasure.  Violence, nonsense and slapstick all at the max.

  1. lagunawsu2 says:

    I want to play all these games.

    (Saving space for more great game ideas)

    • ryanlecocq says:

      I would love it if you would post some Laguna. Brice was going to write one on his dream game “Phalanx.” It’s a squad based Greek warfare game where you move and position your men with the sticks and the triggers. If you want to partner up with me and do a full write up on Hinterlands, I would love to collaborate. I could do some concept art and we could make some cool graphs and diagrams.

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