Features Xbox Live/PSN could use

Posted: November 19, 2010 by ryanlecocq in Features

So for the last part in my making gaming better series, here are some ideas to improve currently existing games.


The same way your gamerscore shows how much you play and how well, your underachievement score shows how much you screw up.  Small humorous ones would be for things like falling off a cliff immediately after a cinematic or getting the same NPC killed repeatedly.  Larger ones would be for things like 50-100 team kills.  So everybody would get some and it would be funny.  But just as a high gamerscore indicates a power gamer, a high UP score shows you’re either a total moron or a jerk.  It shouldn’t take away from your gamerscore in any way, just show up beside it in red.  The message when you get one should also be red and have a “da-dum” sound effect in minor key instead of the usual ‘good job’ sound.

Theater Mode in Every Game

Now that Call of Duty has a theater mode it isn’t just some gimmick that Bungie throws into Halo games.  It’s a necessary feature that every game (at least every multiplayer one) needs to have.  The difficulty of setting up your own screen-capture and video rig is way too prohibitive.  It was almost madness inducing playing Fable III and Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare without the ability to show off the best moments.  Especially after being spoiled by two other great games with the feature.  The bar has been set, this is now a must.  Get savvy developers.  Even better Microsoft and Sony should just integrate it into their services.

Easier Transfer of Saved Content

Now that a lot of games combine your single player data and online play, having to use small, expensive proprietary cards to move it around just doesn’t cut it.  When the Wii came out I thought Nintendo had finally figured it out with the Wiimote’s internal memory.  But of course they limited it to worthless Miis.  Using memory in the controller and just bringing that to a friend’s house would work pretty well.  The ideal solution would be just saving your data online periodically in games like Fable III or a multiplayer dungeon crawler like Sacred 2.  Then you could just retrieve your character like your gamertag to play at a friend’s house.

  1. lagunawsu2 says:

    As onlive shows, the ability to watch your friend’s kick the CRAP out of each other, buildings, jet planes or whatever never grows old. Totally necessary for xbox live.

    Also WHERE THE !@#$ IS MY INTERNET BROWSER?! Yes Mircosoft, I know you want to control my content, and yes, I understand that the internet is a scary place where I may see(k) boobies, but my Wii can browse the internet for godsakes! Come on now!

    Also, I would have SO many underachievments. It would be quite humorous.

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