MINECRAFT: Be still my gaming heart.

Posted: October 23, 2010 by ryanlecocq in Features

Minecraft is kind of like Fight Club.  Somebody passes you a flash drive at work and kind of babbles at you before going away.  People sneakily Alt+Tab when the boss walks by and nobody’s talking.  Slowly a cancer is eating at the heart of the world’s workforce and productivity is slowly sinking.  What is it?  It’s that game you talk about creating with your friends when you’re drunk that sounds stupid when you’re hung over.  That untouchable grail game that panders to nobody and pleases everybody.  It’s Minecraft.  You may not realize it yet, but for the game industry Stairway to Heaven has just been recorded.

The reason I compare it to the much debated greatest rock song of all time is not because it’s creation probably required LSD.  It’s because once you experience it, it seems so right that it’s almost as if it’s always been there.  Like when the god of video games appeared in a burning E.T. cartridge, it should have been the first commandment he had carved in silicon.  See, I’m babbling already myself.  Minecraft is a game where you dig mines, harvest resources and build nearly anything.  Then at night, monsters come to destroy you and everything you’ve created.  It’s that simple.

But it’s not.  You can make a compass with Iron and Redstone, you can cut a tree down and build an emergency boat.  Kill a pig and eat it raw, or make delicious pork roast.  Expertly defeat exploding blobs and giant spiders that can swim.  Forge yourself a diamond sword.  Build a rollercoaster.  This game is still in alpha and Brice and I are already building a remote detonator to fill our base with lava when we abandon it.  Did I mention this game looks like it came out of Wario’s ass?

If ever there was a game that proves graphics don’t matter, it’s Minecraft.  I think it’s running on some strange little  mutant homunculus Unreal engine but you would never know by looking at it.  It looks like Duck Hunt made 3D.  And as the world’s biggest graphics whore let me tell you this is one of man’s most beautiful creations.

I find myself completely unable to talk sense about Minecraft, just like the people that told me about it.  So just Google it.  it costs $15 forever and you can play it co-op/competitive online with 20+ players (although it’s still glitchy in alpha).  No matter who you are, no matter what you play, get this game now.

  1. brice42 says:

    It’s like a virus you WANT to have. Symptoms include loss of sleep, latent obsessive-compulsive tendencies, and vertigo (until the multiplayer health glitch gets fixed, at least).

    One key element of Minecraft is another brilliantly simple one: evolution. Ryan and I started like everyone starts, with a flesh-toned block that, after you stop laughing, you come to accept as your right hand. And that’s it. But from those humble beginnings, we literally learned how to build new tools and new technology, and how to power/utilize it, all while fending off predators (hilariously, since none of us could die). My first act was to smash a tree trunk apart with my bare hand (you only need one), and my latest act was installing a pressure plate-activated door into my mancastle. We are experiencing an 8-bit version of human history in a truly open world that is, in it’s own unique way, just as good as anything BioWare or Bethesda could ever dream of.

    Best 10 euros I ever spent.

  2. lagunawsu2 says:

    If you have ever enjoyed any video game, you will love this. It’s also one of those incredibly rare games that appeals to pretty much anyone. From like, I dunno 7 year olds to 50 year olds. Minecraft actually isn’t a game, per se. Its more of a world-simulator which your avatar can then walk around in, interact with, and get attacked by vicious bow wielding skeletons at night.

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